Four animal type Penis Sleeve wolf tooth condom barb condom time lock amplification condom adult sex toy

Short Description:

Product color:transparent
Body material: TPR
Identification of product:NO.00377
Product size: 14.5 * 3.2cm
Notes: 1. Lubricants should be used together to enhance the feeling in the game.
2. Waterproof material, please wash with water directly.
3. Please put it in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

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Usage method:
1. Roll up the sleeve.
2. Roll it to the head as far as possible.
3. Put it on an erect glans head.
4. Roll down the sleeve.
5. Apply lubricant to use.

Product features:
Product features:This penis sleeve is made of excellent TPR material,which is smooth,soft,tasteless and super elastic.Lengthen and thicken,with realistic texture design and spikes.The large particle design enhances the friction stimulation,and the high tide of scraping and rubbing is continuous.Dazzling design,lasting pleasure of back and forth impact.It can be lengthened by 5cm and thickened by 10mm.It fits and prevents falling off.It is comfortable to wear and is not easy to fall off.It is easy to wash and carry.Four styles can provide your lover with different exciting experiences.Simply try and enjoy every happy sex thrill explosion.

A: Wolf tooth sleeve- White Tiger
Top real simulation design. Huge particles of the casing surround the threads, increasing the friction between the casing wall and the G point. Bring more real excitement and pleasure to your lover.

B: Wolf tooth sleeve - Green Dragon
The top is a real simulation design. The body is 360 degrees full of giant particles and threads, which can stimulate the position of the G point and bring more real stimulation and pleasure to your lover.

C: Wolf tooth sleeve - Xuanwu
About 100 spikes on the top are designed to fully arm your glans. The thread of the sleeve body is surrounded and covered with the sleeve body. Let your lover feel more excitement and pleasure.

D: Wolf tooth sleeve- Rosefinch
The top is designed with about 100 spikes, and the sleeve is 360 degrees surrounded by giant particles and threads, which can stimulate sensitive parts in any direction, so that your lover can feel deeper stimulation and pleasure.
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