HOT KLSS fruity lubricant personal lube for men,women and couples

Short Description:

Product name:HOT KLSS fruity lubricant
Product standard:200ml/300ml/500ml
Product number:NO.762ABC NO.763ABC NO.768
Product type:cherry/lemon/blueberry
Expiration date:3 years
Ingredients:water,hydroxyethyl cellulose,glycerin,propylene glycol,acrylate,etc.
Product usage:vaginal, oral sex, anal, massage,etc.

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How to use it:
1. Open the package.
2. Squeeze the bottle,apply lubricant to private parts or appliances.
3. Take plenty of lube if you want to use it all over your body.
4. When finish,cap the bottle and place it in a place that’s protected from direct sunlight.
Note:.It is prohibited for pregnant women and minors.Avoid eye contact.Please stop using if you feel unwell.Rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.
Product presentation:
Hot cherry type Cherry fruit flavor,full of fire passion,painted on every corner of the body,a dilution of you,let you can not stop.
Cold blueberry
Fresh fruit,bring you not only lube,powerful moisturizing smooth,fragrant;pleasant smelling overflowing,eat TA from beginning to end
Smooth lemon
Fragrance around,soft skin-friendly,enhance vaginal lubrication and elasticity,there are cross-yin,gentle silky,speed up the arrival of orgasm
This product uses plant extract ingredients,very safe,multiple lock water more heat preservation,like a girl’s love of liquid-like drawing smooth.Weak acid formula,does not produce rejection,more care;water-soluble liquid is easy to clean,no residue;more containing fruit,suitable for couples in the foreplay smear to weak up the desire,increase sex lingering time,return to the feeling of love again,give you love for the first experience.

HOT klss fruity lubricant that are sure to leave you feeling (and tasting) fruity, this mouthwatering lube by HOT klss is female-friendly and free from nasty, making it perfect for adding extra zest to sex, masturbation, oral pleasure and sex toy play.

A gorgeously silky water-based lube that will carry you from foreplay to climax, enhancing everything that happens in between with seriously authentic fruity flavors.

Our company is willing to provide OEM and sample processing business for many foreign merchants,and we can conduct exchange to customize products with excellent cost performance for your special requirements or new design.We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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