HDT KISS Anal lubricant personal lube for men,women and couples

Short Description:

Product name:HDT KISS Anal lubricant
Product standard:200ml/300ml/500ml
Product number:NO.00758ABC NO.00759ABC NO.00767
Product category:water soluble personal lubricant
Expiration date:3 years
Applicable crowd:gay,couples,anal sex crowd
Color:red, yellow, blue
Note:It is prohibited for pregnant women and minors.Avoid eye contact.Please stop using if you feel unwell.Rinse immediately with water and consult a doctor.

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After use storage:
1. Please put the bottle cover good.
2. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place indoors,avoid direct
sunlight and high temperature.
3. Avoid any boundary stains mixed into the bottle;Keep out of reach of children.
Product presentation:
Rad heat Heat orgasm,hot attack;unimpeded,feel the heat of passion,instant love catching fire prairie.
Blue ice feeling Cool stimulation,orgasm lubrication;farewell to dry,loose,black fungus orgasm,cool heavy.
Yellow regular body feeling Refreshing moisture,natural comfort;vagina no longer dry,ignite long-lost passion,so that TA water more.
Super Value Combination▪Triple lubrication experience,strong protection,private parts,let TA lubrication,delicate,in and out without resistance;three kinds of anal lubricants have relaxation+pain+lubrication effect,but the difference in the sense of body,both men and women can use,designed for the development of the vestibule;to alleviate dryness,pink silky,enhance pleasure,increase interest,easy to enjoy comfortable sexual experience.

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It's formulated to boost sensual stimulation and can be teamed with your favourite moves to add a little extra excitement to sex.
Apply this slick gel directly to your most sensitive areas and enjoy the sensations of a slow temperature change that reawakens your desire. Long-lasting and slippery for excellent pleasure whether you're alone or with a partner.

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