HOT KISS Banana/Strawberry/Cherry fruit flavored human lubricant personal lube for men,women and couples

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Product specification:30ml/50ml/100ml
Product number:NO.00183 NO.00184 NO.00185
Shelf life:3 years
Ingredients:water,hydroxyethyl cellulose,glycerin,
propylene glycol,acrylate,etc.
Product usage:vaginal、anal、massage,etc.
1. This product is only suitable for adults.
2.Please wash with clean water after use.
3.Please avoid to contact with the eyes. If the product accidentally enters the eyes, please wash it immediately with water.
4.Please store in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.
1. Open the package.
2.Squeeze the bottle and apply the lubricant to the private parts or appliances.
3. Apply the lubricant evenly before use.

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This product adopts a mild water-soluble formula which is refreshing, non greasy and easy to clean without residue. Three kinds of fruit taste and capacity to meet your various needs. Taste the taste of first love and return to the feeling of first love again. Safety and health are guaranteed. Say goodbye to dryness and disharmony. More effects are waiting for you to experience.

No.00183: 30ml Banana flavored lubricant. Embrace the tantalizing allure of our  Banana flavored lubricant, designed to ignite an infinite wave of temptation and passion. Bursting with a delectable banana aroma, its enchanting sweetness promises to transport you to a realm of unforgettable desire and pleasure.

No.00184: 50ml Strawberry flavored lubricant. Just like the sweetness of a strawberry, it encapsulates the enchantment of first love. With each application, the essence of a young girl's scent lingers, entwining your senses and unleashing a realm of limitless imagination, ensuring you become completely immersed in a sea of tender affection.

No.00185:  100ml Cherry flavored lubricant. Immerse yourself in the sweet and succulent fragrance, as it envelopes your senses in a captivating and unique temptation. The harmonious blend of sour and sweet notes creates an exhilarating taste sensation that lingers on the skin, rendering men powerless to resist its enthralling pull. Prepare to be truly captivated, for there is no escaping its incredibly delicious grip.

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