Why should you use lube oil

We love happiness, we love lubricating oil. However, the use of lubricating oil sometimes brings a lingering sense of shame: using it means that you will not enter the current situation physically or emotionally. Let’s redefine it. By using lubricating oil in bed, you are actually controlling your happiness and allowing yourself more explosive time in bed. Personal lubricants can be used to help create more enjoyable experiences, whether it’s sex, masturbation, sex toy games or both!
An Indiana University study involving 2453 women aged 18 to 68 found that using lubricants alone or during sexual activity with a partner helped improve sexual behavior scores for pleasure and satisfaction- Science Daily
Lubricant helps condoms feel better
Condoms are very important for anal sex, vaginal insertion and penis oral sex. They can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections and help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Many condoms now have a small amount of lubricant to make the process easier, but not all condoms have lubricant. Friction will also dry the condom. We recommend the use of water-based lubricants, which will not damage the integrity of the latex used in most condoms. If you apply a small amount of lubricant to yourself before wearing a condom, then slowly put the condom on. Then, after putting on the condom, apply more to prevent tearing! Let your partner also apply some, the more the better!
Lubricants help the anus feel better (safer)
Anal sex is a favorite way of playing for many people, but it is important to know how to enjoy it. Mixed or thick water-based lubricants are very suitable for use. Since the anal cavity has no self-lubricating function, the lubricant not only makes the anus safer, but also improves your orgasm!
Lubricating oil helps dry
Although it has been turned on, sometimes it takes your body a while to catch up with your mind. The vagina will naturally lubricate when it is awakened, but sometimes it needs more support. This is completely normal! That’s why foreplay is such an important element of sex, because it allows your body enough time to fit your mind. In addition, some women simply don’t have the lubrication they want – menopause, drugs or menstrual cycles can all play a role. Lubricants are very helpful in reducing pressure!
Lubricants help to increase interest
Introducing lubricants into your daily life is a good way to make you feel more creative and adventurous. The sheer act of applying lubricant to yourself or your partner is erotic – an experience that can lead to some incredible foreplay and help keep it going longer!

Post time: Nov-11-2022