What are sex toys

Generally speaking, sex toys refer to tools used in sexual activities to stimulate human sexual organs or provide tactile sensation similar to human sexual organs. In addition to the above definition, some ornaments or small toys with sexual meaning are also sex toys in a broad sense. The biggest significance of sex toys is to improve people’s quality of life. The first recorded fake penis records originated from the ancient Greek era, when merchants there had sold goods called “Olisbos”. There are stone, leather and wood. There are documents that make us believe that the buyer of “Olivos” is mainly single women. In fact, it is expected to get the conclusion of this problem. Until today, this view is still widely accepted (dildos are special sex tools for single women). But now we also know that dildos have been widely loved by men and women.
In Renaissance Italy, “Olivbos” became “Diletto” among Italians. Although it is only because oleanol oil as a lubricant is very rich. Diletto is not as comfortable to use as modern artificial penis. Today, the growing prosperity of the adult products industry proves that the artificial penis is still deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and is constantly developing and growing.
Some sex toys are designed for men, some for women, and others for men and women.
Male appliances: sex toys specially designed to release male sexual desire, mostly simulating female lower body or female overall shape. The materials are mostly silica gel, soft glue and other materials to achieve the effect similar to real people.
Women’s appliances: sex toys specially designed to meet women’s sexual needs are mostly rod bodies, such as imitation penis, vibrating rod, bead rolling rod, etc., with various materials.
Flirting toys: as a tool for flirting between lovers, it can enhance sexual desire, stimulate sensitive points of the body, and create a sexual atmosphere, such as egg skipping, bracelet and foot clasp, whip, breast clipper, etc.
The simulation penis has a variety of shapes and sizes; They can be realistic or abstract. Vibrators can also be designed differently, from small finger vibrators to big stick massagers. They usually work on a similar principle: electricity flows through a mechanism that stimulates nerves and muscles. In most cases, these devices run on batteries. But there are also rechargeable models – if you travel with your toys, this will make them particularly convenient.
If you are not sure what kind of toys you want, there are many choices: classic toys such as rabbits and bullets, or less traditional toys such as anal plugs, or even wearable options suitable for wrists or ankles! It should be noted here that not all sex toys are equal – it is important to conduct research before spending money on things that may not meet expectations!

Post time: Nov-11-2022