Wholesale body lubricant Care for Women

Woman’s “private parts” may also require “Wholesale body lubricant” conduct some lubrication from time to time. Young women’s private parts like water, like water dripping sponge, and middle-aged women’s private parts as dry cork dry. If you or your partner’s vagina is dry, the use of human lubricants can make intercourse more smoothly. However, the role of oil more than that, sex use some “Wholesale body lubricant” can reduce the friction of the penis vagina, make sex more durable, can be described as any harm human lubricants showed the greatest effect when It is in the process of masturbation. A few drops of oil can put an ordinary “manual work” into a lubricant that can arouse great passions of experience while, “Wholesale body lubricant” can also be used to eliminate sex for the first time or a long time interval Sex discomfort, couples having sex in the shower when you can use it, because the lubricating oil can be eliminated due to the drying of water.

Post time: Jun-03-2019